Hyundai Sonata Won T Start But Battery Is Good

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Hyundai Sonata Won T Start But Battery Is Good. My 2005 hyundai sonata doesn't want to start we just changed the starter and that doesn't seem to be the problem and the battery is good. Just as with any other vehicle, however, the sonata may have trouble starting at times.

2013 hyundai sonata starter location >
2013 hyundai sonata starter location > from

It may be a weak battery if when jumping it the engine didnt spin fast,but i belive the first time the battery was weak and trying to start may have flooded it with the cold weather, have the battery tested and replace it if not good then try holding the gas pedal down to floor like the older cars and hold it until motor gets going then slowly let up as rpms rise, you may have to crank a while. The sonata is a sedan that is manufactured and sold by hyundai motor america, a division of the original korean car manufacturing company, hyundai. When this happens, you’ll often hear the vehicle crank slowly, but not start.

When I Try To Start Car, It Won’t Start.

Average repair cost is $610 at 63,100 miles. Hyundai sonata won't start clicking. But, when the battery is in the car, it won't start, as in it does't even try.

My 2005 Hyundai Sonata Doesn't Want To Start We Just Changed The Starter And That Doesn't Seem To Be The Problem And The Battery Is Good.

Then i can drive for a week or more without any problems. The 2009 hyundai sonata engine cranks over but won’t start: Check out hyundai sonata not starting if this seems it may be an issue for you.

It Covers Models With The 2.4L Engine.

Basically the battery isn't able to hold the charge in this condition. When i turned the key to the on position the radio came on and the dashboard lit up like normal. Apparently on vehicles that won’t start, but the starter motor spins without cranking the engine, some are.

22,000 Miles On It And In The Last 3 Weeks I Go To Get In My Car And I Can’t Get In Using The Press Button Or Fob.

The 2013 hyundai sonata has 4 problems reported for engine won't turn over/won't start. If your battery no longer has enough charge to turn the starter, your sonata will not start. Before i started the work i tried starting the car.

A Vehicle Will Always Require Air, Fuel, And The Ignition To Operate.

If the battery tests fine, then the alternator is your likely culprit and needs to be replaced. It can be a number of problems one can be you have something is staying on it can be a light in the boot,you alarm is wired wrong or a radio is not off or it can be the battery no good. The starter always starts when being tested.

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